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Abstract Horizon
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 New Arrivals 

Real-short-true-stories of a lost hybrid-boy becoming an honorable brown man in America – spanning from the 1970s and 80s, to the 21st century. Creatively written with pockets of humor, trauma, love, and wisdom. 
Readers will find Journey to Enlightenment -Part 1 richly hilarious and intensely honest because it is intentionally raw. The reality is that he, armed with talents and faith, forged a legacy out of scrapped-pieces of poverty, hope, and knowledge. Then, he consciously crafted sacred-peace, prosperity, health, and intelligence. 
Basically, EliJah takes us through early-episodes of his personal Journey to Enlightenment.
In a trilogy, he has gathered the experiences that made impressions upon his life to make an impact on the heart and soul of his readers.

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