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about eli

With over two decades of experience and five hundred books, Eli is a well-known craftsman. He's a proud member of The Manhattan Arts International and WEDU/PBS and has worked with numerous industries, companies, authors, publishers, printers, and producers.

   His specialty and passion is rendering impressive material that invokes feelings and demands the attention of the target audience. He has a portfolio as diverse as can be imagined. His focal points are God–first, family, humanity, smart work, reading, writing, and healthy eating. Even as a child, Eli has been a lover of art, people, and travel. He now lives a healthy lifestyle in sunny Florida, along with his wife, three sons, a library of autographed books and good friends.

   Most of his confidants are authors and publishers, who keep in constant contact due, in part, to his great customer service and love for humanity.


Eli-The Book Guy was dreamt & prayed for by the masses of visionaries who were discouraged by the thought of being ripped-off by the traditional publishing industry.

   We Service Publishers, Self-Publishers & Authors.

Elijah Blyden Sr. has helped over 1,000 authors to publish their books. He is A Phenomenon – Changing the Game in the publishing industry.


What He Does:

  1. Public Speaking on Self-Publishing

  2. Book Publishing Consulting & Advisor

  3. Owner of CrunchTime Graphics for Publishing

  4. Custom Book Design with Commercial & Fine Art

  5. Print & Distribution Liaison

  6. Professional Creative Writer

  7. Publishing Coach



  1. Authors

  2. Writing Coaches

  3. Branding Experts

  4. Short-Run Book Binding Companies (in USA)

  5. Editors/Proof-Readers

  6. Web Designers

  7. Social Media Experts

  8. Event/Book Signing Planners

  9. Writing Coaches

  10. Advertisers & Promoters

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