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- Yash Lynch -

I always prefer to seek out the help of an 'individual' when I need assistance with something (as opposed to getting impersonal support from a large company or corporation). But that's not always easy to do here in the modern (Western) world with all of the ridiculous rules, policies, and regulations that are constantly being imposed on the common person. 

Fortunately, when it came to having my book cover designed and my text formatted, I discovered Eli. He gave me the personable, honest, and astute service that I was hoping to find. He isn't money hungry, he has a conscience, and most important of all, he is emotionally and psychologically involved in your creative projects.

- Xiomara Martinez -

One day I came across a company that highly recommended you. Since the minute I placed that first business phone call, I knew that my book was in the right hands. Customer service is known to be the success of a business and definitely that is what you provided me with. I cannot be more pleased with your work, creativity and professionalism.

May God lead your way and I wish you success in your company.

Muchas Gracias.

- Ty Scharrer -

Eli Blyden Sr. is an excellent artist and continues to be VERY supportive of my writing projects. He designed the covers for both my books; “Earth Reboot” and “A Wasted Life.” Both of my books are an end of life project, which means that my life is almost over. I wanted to leave something more than just statistics on an ancestral chart for my descendants. “Earth Reboot” tells the story of the possible end of civilization as we know it, and how people from different cultural and religious backgrounds cope with the disaster. “A Wasted Life” tells the story of an elderly man to who examines his life and knowledge. “A Wasted Life” also analyzes politics, morality, and religion; from Mysticism to Christianity.  Both of my books are NOVELS, NOT BIOGRAPHICAL.  

Mr. Blyden also formatted both of my books for publication. I would HIGHLY recommend Eli to anyone seeking artistry or work for book publications. 

Thank you.

- Terry Hale -

Eli, I just wanted to thank you for your excellence in business. You over delivered amazing designs on multiple levels and your efforts and professionalism are truly appreciated. I have recommended you to my personal colleagues and would encourage anyone looking for real talent to contact you immediately.

Thank you again.

- Julie Gibson -

Eli Blyden Sr. is the creative designer of our book covers at Sanctuary Books.  I'm amazed at his ability to create captivating covers which convey the content of our books and capture the attention of readers.  Our authors are always delighted with the cover designs.  I highly recommend him for his excellence, service and competitive pricing.


President & Publisher

Sanctuary Books Publishing Co. |

- Jeff McGunegle -

It was crunchtime and I needed a cover for my first 'adapted' novel.  I turned to Eli--The Book Guy and he came up with front/back covers which are superb.  Eli helped guide me through the process in a most collaborative way.  He and I are now working on the second book cover and a company logo.

Great work!

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